Top Frequently Asked Questions

Are those jobs posted by companies like on other job sites?
No, all gigs are posted by users like you who share jobs they have or opportunities they know about and in some cases may be able to help you to get.

Why would I want to give gigs?
The more you help others, the more they will help you when you need it. In addition, you can earn credits and use it to get gigs that you want.
Do I get to set my reward?
Yes, you set your reward for each gig lead you submit.
What’s an average Gig-Giver reward?
Usually, it’s around 10-20% (converted into credits $1 = 1 credit) of the project or monthly pay, in some cases can be much higher.
How much of my reward will I get?
You’ll get 100% of your reward.
What do you mean by anonymous?
Your gig leads are anonymous to other users – meaning we will never display your email address, name or any personal information.

Do I just post gig lead or do I have to help candidate to get the gig?
It’s entirely up to you, but the more you can help – the bigger reward you can ask and you get credits faster.
What if I book the gig and didn’t get it?
If you didn’t get the job or for whatever reason lost it before you made at least 2X the giver reward – we’ll deposit your credits back on your account.
What if I don’t have enough credits to get gig I want?
You can buy needed credits during checkout. 1 credit = $1.
What method of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept all major credit / debit cards. All Payments to GiveGetGigs are securely processed via Stripe, one of the leading online credit card processors. Paypal, Amazon and other methods are coming soon.
Can get cash back for credits I didn’t use?
If you earned credits by signing up, giving gigs or inviting friends, you can only spend those credits to get other gigs, however if you bought credits there are 7 days money back guarantee.

Additional questions? We’re happy to help! Simply drop us a line and we will respond as soon as possible.