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First, a bit about the company, and then more info about the tools we use. 1010data is a “big data analytics platform”. We’re a medium sized (~250 person) company located in midtown east (46th & 3rd) and have been around since 2000. I like to explain our product in the following way… Imagine Microsoft Excel (a tabular spreadsheet view of data). Put that in a web browser so we have something similar to Google Sheets. Now take 100 billion – 1 trillion rows of data, put them in a single spreadsheet, and maintain the ability to manipulate that data in real time. You can create new columns that are a function of other columns, filter and aggregate the data, run more advanced statistical analyses, visualize the data, or build a data driven web application. That’s the Trillion Row Spreadsheet and it’s the core product that the rest of our business is built around.
Most of our server side code is written in k, which is a pretty cool language that I’m not going to discuss at length. k is an excellent tool for vector processing and distributed computing, but there are some tasks it’s not well suited for, and that’s where this job post becomes relevant. The Core Group at 1010data (the devs that build the product described above) includes the “Interfacing Team” which is responsible for two things. First, we solve the problems that k isn’t well suited for. This consists of implementing some of the very high performance bits of the system that don’t vectorize well, as well as integrating third party tools as to avoid reinvention of the wheel (we didn’t feel the need to implement AES in k). Second, we build the code distributed to customers (k is interpreted, we generally don’t like to distribute the interpreter). This code is (again) very performance sensitive, but also must be very portable (we’ve targeted Windows, Linux, OSX, AIX, and HP-UX to name a few targets). Put most simply, the Interfacing Team is responsible for the code that isn’t written in k or JavaScript (though we do in fact do some k programming).
So what are we looking for? We want someone with C/C++/other-manually-memory-managed-language programming experience who is interested in building high performance tools and libraries for manipulating big data. Generally we look favorably on people with STEM degrees, though there is some preference for people with a computer science background (you’re going to be asked algorithm questions and for Big-O analyses during the interview process). We have positions open at the entry level, though we certainly won’t turn away those with deeper experience.

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