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At Alluvium, we put machine learning to work inside the production lifecycle of industrial operations. Our products provide operators a portal into the stability of that production and a means to ensure its continuity. We work with some of the world’s largest and most complex industrial operations: oil refinery platforms, power generation stations, and advanced manufacturing plants. While sophisticated mathematics and computation are at the heart of our technology, our products succeed by empowering the men and women working in these complex industrial systems to make better decisions faster, allowing them to focus on their work and trust us with their data.

As a Front-End Engineer at Alluvium, your primary charge will be to reimagine the relationship industrial operators have with the massive amount of data being generated by the machines and processes these operators rely on to get work done. Our users work in the foundational industries of the global economy, where the stakes are high and there is no margin for error. The products you will develop enable these teams to perfect their production by providing operators the tools needed to better leverage data from their organization’s two most valuable assets: advanced mechanical systems and human expertise.

We are currently seeking Front-End Engineers to join our team and help lead the design and implementation of all the user touch-points of our products. These touch-points will primarily be web-based applications relaying critical insights and information to operators working across the enterprise: from the data center to the control room and out in the field.

What You Will Do

Share ownership of our users’ trust and connections to our products through research, planning, design, and development of our web applications;
Work directly with the data science and engineering teams to ensure that the value created by our core technology platform can be valued by our users;
Consider deeply how to convey complex findings from data and where data and information live in our products;
Spend time with our customers to better understand how they work, how they use software, and how we can improve both experiences.
Desired Qualifications

Minimum of three years professional experience building and shipping web applications
A portfolio that represents your experience with building web applications driven by data
Strong independent development in JavaScript/HTML/CSS, NodeJS, React
Experience with continuous integration processes via Jenkins and deployment via Docker/Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Proficient in synchronous and asynchronous collaboration and tasking via in-person meetings, video conferences, Slack, and Github
Important Things to Know About Us

We are an early-stage startup, founded with a strong technical vision but very little pre-existing knowledge of how our customers got work done. Since day one, we have had to learn how to build for — and sell to — our customers. We have learned a great deal, but we know we have infinitely more to learn as we continue building our products and growing our company. This process is uncomfortable and difficult, but it is what we are constituted to do. By joining the team, it will also be what you are expected to do. In other words, if you are looking to wake up every day with absolute certainty as to what you will be working on, or thinking about, this is not a good fit.
Our work exists at the intersection of old, hard, dirty, and dangerous jobs and advanced machine learning and software engineering. We are pretty good at the latter, but are always seeking to better understand how our customers do their work. For this reason, we regularly work outside of the office: putting on hard hats, ear plugs, fire retardant clothing, or oxygen masks to seek firsthand experiences of our customers’ work. For us, these are some of our most memorable and exciting workdays. But, this is not for everyone. If this sounds exciting, let’s meet; if not, this is not a good fit.
Today, we are a small team of engineers and product nerds, but all men. And while we are not all white men, we know our success as a company depends on building a team that reflects the diversity of expertise and experience of our hometown: New York City. If you are from an underrepresented group in technology, we would love to meet you.
What We Offer

Competitive salary and early stage equity packages
Generous paid time off (PTO) and family leave policies
Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance
Multidisciplinary team to grow and lead with
… did we mentioned the fire retardant suits?
How We Work

Put people first, because we strive for human impact in everything we do
Stop and listen, because listening is where learning begins
Welcome evolution, because the best way to do something may always be changing
Seek the firsthand, because getting it right often takes getting real dirt on your hands
Lead with humility, because to succeed you must be conscious of your own ignorance
How We Do Not Work

In isolation, because the problems we are solving for our customers are big and hairy, and in order to solve them we require regular collaboration and communications with each other
On a single track of work, because building our company is as important to us as building our products
At all hours, because we have families, and we cherish our time with them
In the office everyday, because we believe people do their best work on their own terms, but also that sometimes there is no substitute for sitting with your colleagues and building

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