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We’re looking to hire an experienced Interactive Infographic Designer to help us develop and create interactive infographics for our clients. We’ll look to you to create and produce high quality art based off of content and data provided from our clientele and analysts.

Responsible for the creation of the infomation graphics (e.g., charts, diagrams, maps, icons) for desktop and mobile
Follow generally accepted branding, identity and design guidelines for artwork requested from client
Work directly with individuals in the design departments and interact with Creative Directer
Ensures that creative is executed within agreed strategy, deadlines and budgets.
Develops designs that are on strategy and reflect brand’s personality
Research, interpret, and organize data for visualizations
Design and build complex info-graphics and interactive graphics
Choose images for various documents, presentations, publications, etc.

Required knowledge/skills:

Experience in creating infographics (maps, charts, diagrams) and visualizing data
3+ years professional design and interaction experience within a creative environment.
Ability to interpret complex information to produce engaging visualizations
Strong portfolio of work demonstrating expertise across digital and brand identity design, including responsive and mobile, video/animation, and interactive infographics.
Must be able to work well under pressure and time constraints.
Quick-thinking and flexible, with experience working on multiple projects simultaneously. Looking also to have availibilty on weekends.
Ability to define functionality, and produce flowcharts, wireframes and templates
Have excellent facility with typographic communication
Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite
Strong IT skills and computer literacy
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Must have experience in animating data in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and SVG.
Degree in fine arts, design, or other related field is preferred.
Greentech Media is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination.

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