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Schrödinger is transforming pharmaceutical and materials science research through computational science. We are helping to discover new drugs and cures for diseases. We are helping to design new materials, fuel cells, OLEDs, and nanocoatings. Our claim to fame is the best science in the business and our investors include visionaries like Bill Gates and David Shaw.
The Role
As part of the IT team at Schrödinger, you will have a direct impact on Schrödinger’s infrastructure, architecture, and direction. We’re looking for a person with a strong networking background who can understand the ‘why’ along with the ‘what’ and “own” the network. We are a global company, and you will propose and lead key projects to ensure Schrödinger’s networks and systems are fast, available, and secure. You’ll be comfortable taking the lead in a collaborative environment where IT is appreciated and understood by a large number of our users. You’ll be comfortable managing vendors, understanding their products, and their value. We are a research company and continually pushing the envelope with new things and need someone to be able to understand what is practical and useful for us and position us for what’s coming down the road (IPSec over VXLAN, SD-WAN, NFV, containerization, etc).
Your Skills and Experience
Strong networking architecture and troubleshooting, including such acronyms as
Understanding of REST API
Experience with AWS security groups, VPC, ELB and more
Love for the command line and automation
Linux skills are a must, Mac and Windows familiarity are good as well
Excellent communication skills, an analytical mind, and a collaborative spirit
Experience in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
Our Tools, Toys, and Some Buzzwords
Cisco & Force10 gear
GPU and CPU compute clusters
Jira, Agile, DevOps, Git, SaltStack, Chef, AWS, VMware, VNX, Isilon, and vi
Cushy Stuff
Catered lunch, M/W/F. Catered breakfast T/H
Fully stocked fridge & pantry
Ping pong, foosball, arcade room
We are prepared to offer a highly competitive compensation package for an exceptionally well-qualified candidate. Benefits include medical, dental, 401(k), flexible spending account, 3+ weeks vacation, and tuition reimbursement.

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