Marketing Support Specialist - Starting Salary: $30,000

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The Marketing Support Specialist has an excellent opportunity to enter the world of digital marketing and build it into a career. Instead of an internship, the Marketing Support Specialist has a full role at the agency with real responsibilities that produce value for our team and clients.

Work with the Marketing Coordinator to execute digital marketing tasks that require following a process, but do not require extensive marketing experience
Publish content such as blog posts, social media posts and emails using tools such as WordPress, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign (using content created by the Content Marketing Specialist)
Build marketing automation campaigns into Marketing Automation platforms.
Spend 2 hours / week on Intentional Learning (get paid to learn Digital Marketing)
Build lists of prospects for influencer outreach programs
Use tools such as Canva to create basic graphics for social media programs
Create content for social media posts
Load content into websites
Track and build reports on marketing programs
Proof content created by others on the team

You’ll Learn
You’ll learn the overall basics of:
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing
Marketing Funnels

Support the marketing team by completing value-producing tasks
Learn & grow. A Core Value at SUCCESS agency is Growth, and the Marketing Support Specialist has the highest priority on growing yourself for advancement inside the agency or for future opportunities outside of our agency

High proficiency in all things digital. You should be very comfortable with social media, email, and content production (even if for your own personal profiles)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Proven experience in roles requiring accountability and responsibility
Ability to create content that is engaging
High grammatical skills

What It’s Like Working Remotely
Work from anywhere: work from your house in Kansas, flat in Edinburgh, or hostel in Bangkok (members of our team have done all three). Some of our team members enjoy the convenience of working at home. Others enjoy living the “Digital Nomad” life traveling the USA and the world. The only requirement? Great Wifi.
Equipment: SUCCESS agency provides you with a laptop, secondary monitor, headset, and reimburses you for internet.
Structure: while our team works from anywhere, we are a high performance team that collaborates intensively internally and externally. This requires structure such as regular morning kick-off video calls and communication via Slack. This is not a freelance gig. It’s a full-time position in a growing team.

Location & Salary
Location: Remote
USA & Canada Residents: Candidates for this position will be residents of the USA or Canada, though you don’t have to spend all your time here (ex: Digital Nomads).
Starting Salary: $30,000

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