Part-time job lead On-site
Cold Caller - part time/full time, $20/h

Referral fee: 100 credits
Help level:

Success in this position can lead to advancement and opportunities in other roles within our company. You should be passionate about telemarketing and be motivated by success.

This is a great career opportunity for a proven sales person.

Specific success attributes include:

Passionate about sales and serving customers
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Excellent written and verbal skills
Desire to learn and grow in an ever-changing environment
Self motivated, high energy individuals.

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1. Apply

You apply for the lead. If you are most credible applicant, we’ll assign lead to you and introduce you to Lead Poster.

2. Get the gig

The Lead Poster will email you directly with the next steps. You land the gig and start working.

3. Credit the Lead Poster

You pay 100 credit referral fee. We update your reputation. If needed, you can purchase credits. (1 credit = $1)