How to get gigs

How to get gigs

Get access to hidden job market — positions and projects that never get formally posted anywhere!

1. Apply

You apply for the job lead. If you are the right fit for the gig you’ll receive email with client info.

2. Get the gig

You contact potential client directly, negotiate terms, land the gig and start working.

3. Credit the Poster

You pay referral fee. We update your reputation so you can get more leads later.

Top Questions About Gig Getting

Are those jobs posted by companies like on other job sites?
No, all job leads are posted by users like you who share jobs they have or opportunities they know about and in some cases may be able to help you to get.

Why do I need to use credits if I can get gigs for free?
You compensating posters with credits for helping you get better gigs easier and faster, as you may pay Uber to get a ride, Airbnb to get a room, or a broker to get an apartment.
What’s credibility?
Credibility depends on three factors: your qualification for the job, reputation and amount of credits on your account.
How can I get more credits?
You can earn free credits by posting job leads and inviting friends or you can purchase credits here (1 credit = $1).
What method of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept all major credit/debit cards. All Payments are securely processed via Stripe over a secure SSL connection and encrypted with AES-256, one of the leading online credit card processors. Paypal, Amazon and other methods are coming soon.
Can I get cash back for credits I didn’t use?
If you earned credits by signing up, posting referrals or inviting friends, you can only spend those credits on job referrals. If you bought credits, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.


GiveGetGigs is Risk-Free

30-Day 100% money back guarantee.

No forms to fill out.
No fine print.
No hoops to jump through.

GiveGetGigs is Safe & Secure

Your credit card details will be saved by our payment processor Stripe over a secure SSL connection and encrypted with AES-256. You can remove your card at any time.

Additional questions? We’re happy to help! Simply drop us a line and we will respond as soon as possible.