Design / Photo / Video

  • Lead Closed eBay seller need an e-commerce website. Pay: $18/h, plus commissions

    150 credits 7 days ago
  • Project remote OK The restaurant needs to update the Squarespace website. Pay: $150

    50 credits 7 days ago
  • Lead Closed Designer for real estate marketing agency. Pay: part time, $35/h

    0 credits 3 weeks ago
  • Lead Closed Social media, site/content updates. Pay: few hours a week, $20-25/h

    0 credits 4 weeks ago
  • Lead Closed Artist needs a new site. Pay: not sure, give him quote

    200 credits 1 month ago
  • Lead Closed Shopify help. Pay: 5-10 hours a week, $30/h

    100 credits 1 month ago
  • Lead Closed Website and social media for a new auto repair shop. Pay: at least $200 per week

    150 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Videographer and Editor in New York. Pay: per project, $500-1000, long term

    200 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Tattoo artist needs help with designs. Pay: per project

    30 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Graphic designer for street clothing brand. Pay: around $30/h

    15 credits 3 months ago