Design / Photo / Video

  • Lead Closed Ecommerce site for selling jewelry online. Pay: around $2k

    10 credits antoNY
  • Lead Closed Freelance Graphic Designer. Pay: about 15-25 hours/week, $30/h

    10 credits Shannon
  • Part-time remote OK Remote marketing/design consultant. Pay: $20 an hour, at least 20 hours a week

    10 credits RyanNY
  • Lead Closed Graphic Designer for contract job. Pay: about 40-60 hours, $35/h

    0 credits nylancer
  • Lead Closed BigCommerce site and integrations with MailChimp, Shopkeep and basic SEO. Pay: $1-1,5k

    10 credits pixelworks
  • Lead Closed Insurance office needs basic website. Pay: $500-700

    5 credits markarc
  • Lead Closed Small building services business looking for help with website and SEO. Pay: tbd

    5 credits alexis