• New Project remote OK WordPress site update for photographer/videographer. Pay: TBD

    50 credits wpwizard
  • New Lead Closed WordPress site update and new feature. Pay: TBD

    50 credits socialmedium
  • Lead Closed Event rentals company looking for WP website update. Pay: Approximately $1K

    150 credits newmans
  • Lead Closed Dating WordPress site project. Pay: $2-3K

    250 credits newmans
  • Full-time on-site Full Stack LAMP / WAMP Developer with Drupal 8 and PHP experience. Pay: Full time, $82k–$95k

    100 credits designy19
  • Lead Closed WordPress teaching. Pay: at least 8 hours @ $40/h

    50 credits wpmasters
  • Lead Closed NY Heating & Cooling company looking to make new wordpress site. Pay: not sure yet

    25 credits RonSocial
  • Lead Closed Small wordpress project. Pay: $35/h, about 20 hours

    0 credits martiny
  • Lead Closed PHP backend developer. Pay: 15-20 hours a week, $50/h

    100 credits Dany
  • Lead Closed WordPress teaching. Pay: $25/h, approximately 10 hours, possible more

    50 credits webpro