• Lead Closed BigCommerce ecommerce site theme change. Pay: around $700

    50 credits bublyny
  • Lead Closed WordPress teaching in midtown. Pay: 2-4 hours per session, at least few sessions, $50-75/h

    25 credits wppros
  • Lead Closed Shopify fixing project. Pay: $400, around 5-10 hours

    0 credits jackson10
  • Lead Closed Help with wordpress site. Pay: not sure, tbd

    100 credits antonyny
  • Project remote OK Simple blog with couple of features. Pay: $600-700

    150 credits socialmagic
  • Project remote OK Drupal project. Pay: about 50 hours at $20/h plus long term maintaince

    40 credits webhelpny
  • Lead Closed Web Developer and Designer. Pay: $1K/week, 40h/w

    50 credits Jeffny
  • Lead Closed Insurance office needs basic website. Pay: $500-700

    100 credits markarc
  • Lead Closed WordPress developer for marketing agency. Pay: $40-50/h

    50 credits andrenyc
  • Lead Closed Full/Part Time Web Developer. Pay: $25/h

    100 credits IvanNY