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3D product modeler. Pay: $1-$1,5k per project, many projects

Referral fee: 20 credits
Lead poster: Screenme (25)
Posted: 4 months ago | 47 views

Handheld consumer devices, widgets, and higher-end personal items (lighters, glasses anything with plastics and carbon fiber, etc.)
First needed a shell with realistic photo rendering and then the actual CAD drawings to follow. Could pan out to a lot of work in an emerging field, perfect for a super talented starter or a fast seasoned pro.

It would be best if you were able to work quickly and confidently and read sketches, turn it into a sleek design and then animate 360 view or possible exploded view later on if needed.

Work ranges from a single product to multiple lines of products and from simple 2D line drawings into fully lit and modeled 3d representations that will hopefully go into an industrialized production phase.

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