Marketing / Sales

  • New Part-time remote OK Marketing for private gym. Pay: commission based

    0 credits 4 days ago
  • Part-time remote OK Social media/marketing help. Pay: $20/h, 10-20h/week

    0 credits 6 days ago
  • Lead Closed Social Media Consultant. Pay: flexible, 10 hours/week, $25/hour

    0 credits 2 weeks ago
  • Lead Closed Marketing, SEO, affiliates management etc. Pay: full time, in their office on LI, about 30 min from Queens, NY

    5 credits 4 weeks ago
  • Lead Closed Digital marketing/SEO. Pay: part-time, $30-40/h depend on experience

    0 credits 1 month ago
  • Lead Closed Startup seeking help with social media. Pay: $150/week, $600/m

    10 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Instagram social media manager. Pay: $300/month

    0 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Marketing help for the construction company in NYC. Pay: They want to start with commission-based compensation

    0 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed Social media manager for social media management company. Pay: part-time or full-time, pay depends on the person

    0 credits 2 months ago
  • Lead Closed B2B Telemarketer in New York. Pay: $25/hr plus great commissions, 2-3 days per week

    10 credits 2 months ago