This job lead is closed. The client contact info was sent to the candidate.
A site that is a mix between facebook, reddit and quora Pay: around $2-3K

Posted: 2 years ago | 208 views
Probably he’ll use wordpress/socialengine/plugins with custom modifications. Here is the email from client: I want a website that hosts discussions but I don’t like the forum format. I like the activity feed format found in facebook. However, Id like to add the upvote/downvote buttons for posts and comments that can be found on reddit. That can be used to show users discussions that are trending, popular and new. Also, when posting users are required to ask a question or create a focus for the discussion. In addition another field for additional info that might help other users to respond. users should be able to follow a user or follow specific discussions by clicking a button. When creating a post users would choose a category. Again, this could be used to search discussions taking place across the site. I’d like it where if users report a post or comment for breaking guidelines a specific number of times it is automatically taken down. Like facebook, I’d like advertising to be a part of the activity feed as well as in the right column (I want a two column site not three). I want users to be able to purchase advertising from the front end and if no one purchases my site runs adsense as a backup. Like Quora I want users to be able to post discussions or comment anonymously. Most of the functionality of facebook I don’t need. I’d like individual feeds and group feeds. Same rules apply to group feeds as individual. Lastly, In addition to a home page that shows different discussions (like reddit) and the individuals feed (made up of discussions they have posted) an activity feed (from discussions their friends have posted, or people they are following, or groups they have joined) I’d like another tab for discussions they have commented on or discussions they have clicked the follow button on to go back and see what’s happening their – in order ot the last commented or updated.

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