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BigCommerce site and integrations with MailChimp, Shopkeep and basic SEO - $1-1,5k

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Here is project description I got from client. Please note, you must be in NY for face to face meeting with client:

I am starting from scratch with a new domain ect.

I would like a website up first.  I would like ecommerce integrated into my Shopkeep POS that I keep inventory on. I was told that BigCommerce is the only platform that integrates with Shopkeep effectively.  I will only be using at the maximum 100 SKUs at first until I learn the integration and manage it by myself.  I would like a minimal SEO.  The online ordering will only be for pick up and delivery, no shipping.

I am the owner of a medium to large liquor store in the Hudson Yards area.  As you may know, the Hudson Yards area has just opened and I am looking to modernize my business.
I would like to create a new professional website.  I am currently using Shopkeep as my POS system.  Shopkeep has the option of integrating BigCommerce and Mail Chimp. I would like to use these integrations  to upgrade my business.  I want to use ecommerce to sell specific products.  I have over 4000 SKUs but will only be showing a fraction of my items on the website.  I want to use Mail Chimp to notify existing customers of sales and upcoming events as well as creating new customers.  I have a rough idea of how I want my website to look and specific ideas on how my website should function.
As the website is being created, I would like to learn how to update and change the site to keep my information current.  I would have to learn the ecommerce function to update the information on specific items.  I would also like to learn the functions of Mail Chimp to provide a monthly newsletter on sales and wine tastings to my current customers.  I would also like to use Mail Chimp for marketing new customers. Both BigCommerce and Mail Chimp have to be integrated into my Shopkeep system.
I would like the website up in a timely fashion but I do want a satisfactory product.  I would also prefer a local New York designer.   If you could please provide an estimate and your method of payment.
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon,

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