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Crowdfunding-oriented copywriter. Pay: $0.10 per word

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Posted: 2 months ago | 99 views
They usually have 2-3 landing pages per week, and around 2 crowdfunding campaign copies, so it’s almost 1 task per day. LPs are 500 words long approx, and crowdfunding copy is around 1200 words. $0.10 per word Fully remote, just fast turnaround, since they work within a day creating copy content and then any edits required by clients. The main catch about crowdfunding is that most projects are novel products, and they need to understand the audience, etc., in a fast pace environment. One major skill is having an inquisitive mind overall. Being creative, research competition, similar products, have good researcher eye, USP, etc., is key and requires someone who enjoys sales and understanding others.

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