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Email marketing and leadgen. Budget: part-time, at least $25 per hour

Lead poster: instany
Posted: 2 weeks ago | 25 views

Design company looking for a copywriter to work from a Google Sheet of leads to email and communicate with companies on their offerings.

This is on-going and could result in more consistent work depending on how the list responds to their offering.

– Personalized copy for each email, but working from a template
– Copy suggestions to conceptualize marketing campaigns

This project requires:
– Copywriting expertise
– Background in email marketing and working to develop leads.
– Creativity and ability to conceptualize
– Familiarity with positively written emails that don’t sound like soliciting.

1. Apply for the lead

You apply for the lead with your resume, portfolio, etc.

2. Get client info

If you're a qualified candidate, we'll send you client info.

3. Land the gig

You contact the potential client directly and get the gig.