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Freelance Graphic Designer. Pay: $20-$30/h, about 20 hours a week

Referral fee: None
Lead poster: RyanG (250)
Posted: 5 months ago | 517 views

Boutique graphic design studio is looking for a high impact freelance graphic artist capable of both print and digital design for an array of active client projects. Our team rarely, if ever, works the long hours commonly associated with agency life. What you bring to the table is a thorough understanding of print/digital mechanicals, a creative eye, attention to detail and an ability to work well in a fast-paced environment.

• Produce high-quality, creative work across multiple media — including print, online and social media
• Execution of layouts utilizing InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and other applications
• Implementation of all client-directed and internal changes related to typography, photography and design
• Create print mechanicals with bleeds, correct image resolution and export for production
• Familiarity working with brand guidelines and ability to seamlessly incorporate into each medium
• Research and identify appropriate images for design and video projects
• Conceptual development and design in conjunction with an art director and/or independently
• Execute multiple projects and meet deadlines
• Follow creative direction and actively participate on any given project
• Attend briefings and client conference calls to receive direction and discuss projects

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