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Mobile production company looking for driver/producer/camera operator. Pay: about $3k a month

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Lead poster: digitnyc (20)
Posted: 6 months ago | 167 views

Small mobile production company in NYC, which works with major news outlets expanding into New York and a looking for an operator — an independent go-getter type.
There might not be a lot of work in the beginning, as they build the market … so it would be good for someone with flexibility who is looking to supplement their existing income.
Most of the work is in the evening, so your days are pretty free.
You must be able to drive a van (a Ford Transmit), and work well under pressure (live news production).
The rest of the skills can’t be trained or taught.
Inside the van is a live interview studio – the guest sits inside the van and does the interview for CNN or Fox or whatever.
Essentially, the driver is the producer and the camera operator — a one-man band.

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