Part-time Remote OK
SEO Freelancer, US only. Pay: $18/h for first 2 months, 30-50 hours a month

Referral fee: 5 credits
Lead poster: dianamarketing (50)
Posted: 1 year ago | 124 views

Got this lead and it’s a little too low for me now:

I am looking for an SEO Freelancer to join my team. I own a small marketing company – online. My team is 100% remote. I need someone to join my team… here are a few questions I have for you to get started. If you’re free for a call tonight, we can schedule a conversation.

My going rate right now is $18 / hour for the first 2 months while we’re getting to know working together and getting everything set up. I have a high turnover with SEO freelancers since it’s a big part of my business, but I am not very much involved. Once we get past the first 2 months, I would like for you to grow with me, take on more clients, and bring in more freelancers under you too.

Are you comfortable with providing both strategy for clients as well as performing the tasks?
I have approximately 8-10 clients per month who need SEO. The number is growing. They each receive 5 hours of work per month. Does this work for you?
I pay at the end of the month with a check and have to W9 you. You’ll be an independent contractor. Does this work for you?
I schedule weekly calls with everyone on my team. Will you be available for a 30 min call per week with me?
At the end of the month, I require a very simple report of what was accomplished and what will be performed the following month. This is about 2-3 sentences and a few bullet points.
If the client is new, they will need analytics and console set up. Are you able to provide this service?
I’m looking for a long-term relationship. As my company grows, I will be hiring more website designers and SEO freelancers. Are you in a position to help out with hiring and bringing in a team of your own to work under us?
What are you doing now for work and how will that affect working with me?
Where are you located? Timezone?

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