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Social Media Freelancer. Pay: 2 days a week, $25/h

Referral fee: 3 credits
Lead poster: websarah (45)
Lead type:

The ideal applicant need to possess strong knowledge of the digital media and social media. The successful candidate will be responsible for contributing to monitoring and posting on blogs and social networks, engaging in online forums, participating in online outreach and promotion.

Work with senior management to create and implement campaigns
Produce social media updates and marketing pieces on each platform to adequately market the brand
Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for the brand
Monitor analytics to identify viable ideas
Create engaging blog and social media content
Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts

Good to have:
1+ year experience in social media/marketing
Excellent written communication skills
In-depth knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat
Experience with social media analytics, including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights

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