Project On-site
Videographer for Brooklyn non-profit. Pay: $1,500, 30 hours of production and post-production/editing

Referral fee: 10 credits
Lead poster: jackieri (55)
Posted: 1 week ago | 43 views

Non-profit looking someone who can accomplish the following during the months of May and June:
• Meet with individual instructors and record each individual instructor’s session at a designated location in Manhattan.
• Recording will take place on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday Evenings for the Month of May and June; final schedule will be sent out at the end of April.
• There are 20 instructors for 20 topics and sessions should last from 45-minutes to an hour each.
• Bring all necessary and relevant equipment, including video camera, lighting, microphones, etc.
• Do editing and post-production editing and send all final recorded sessions, by July 31, 2020

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