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WordPress fixing for a photographer. Pay: about $25-$35 per hour

Success fee: 5 credits
Lead poster: coredesign (55)
Posted: 1 year ago | 75 views

I got this small WP project, nothing major, basic stuff, here is an email from the client:

I would like any front page issues worked out so working smoothly on both desktop and mobile.
Make logo a little larger on desktop view.

Tighten up animation and change font on revolution slider module plug in to Roboto if possible.
(If can show me how to modify that plug-in and then refresh updated version would be helpful for future modifications, i’m able to access the module/file, but not sure how to update it properly)

There are a few other errors with the front page, most likely some boxes I have not ticked off correctly in the row and column sections using WPbakery that could be streamlined.

Main 3 top Images are not centered, first 3 images go bleed on mobile with I would like a little border on.
Need to make top 3 images 20% smaller and higher resolution so very sharp (When I try to modify it seems to stretch it and I get lossy image file, those 3 have to be tack sharp)

Better submission form for photography services and pricing as I want clients to feel comfortable using ephotolux as a remote service and just send me the box and make the payment online.

set up some sort of notification so that if some one goes to view my site I get an email so I can start to put together a mailing list and an auto response form to any inquiries immediately.

Later, I’ll need to migrate a site to cpanel.

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