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Talent solution with rewards

Who we are: GiveGetGigs is a New York-based community of the very best freelancers, part-timers and temps helping each other get jobs easier and faster.
How we can help you: Imagine, instead of dozens of annoying emails, you’ll get just one simple email with the perfect person for your job or project at your preferred rate – someone who is so motivated and confident in his/her skills that is willing to pay you to get the job or project!
No more spam emails from all over the world.
No more countless interviews with unqualified and inexperienced people.
Instead, we offer one proven and motivated candidate who is able to deliver.
Plus, a nice little reward for your help!
How it works:
1. Post Project/Job
You post your project or job by filling out a short form. We alert the best candidates at your rate in our database.
2. Get Connected
The most motivated and qualified candidate books your job with a deposit. Then we send you an introductory email.
3. Get Rewarded
If you think candidate is the right fit, it’s a match! The candidate starts your job and pays you the reward directly.
Post a Project or Job:
Example: Part time graphic designer
Example: $2,000/week, 40h/w, 2 months project
Your reward for helping gig hunter get this project/job
Select the most appropriate category for your Job/Project
Write few sentences about the job, required skills and experience
You can use letters and numbers, no spaces
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