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Get Talent Recommendation. It’s Free.

Who we are
GiveGetGigs is a New York-based marketplace where small business owners and proven freelancers trade jobs and new client referrals.
How we can help your business
We offer no-cost talent recommendation services to small and midsize businesses, saving time and money. In-house, remote or whatever works best for your company, position or project in hand.

Our advantage:
– Our services for businesses are completely free. Freelancers pay us small fee.
– We offer the richest pool of qualified, tested and motivated freelancers and service providers.
– No more digging through inbox full of resumes or countless interviews with unqualified and inexperienced people.
How it works
1. You request talent by filling a little form.
2. We contact most qualified candidates for your rate in our extensive network.
3. We select best candidate and match you directly through introductory email.
Request Talent
All we need is some quick info, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Promise!