Latest Job Leads

  • Lead Closed Videographer and Editor. Pay: per project, $500-1000, long term

    10 credits Johny18
  • Lead Closed WordPress developer for marketing agency. Pay: $40-50/h

    10 credits andrenyc
  • Lead Closed Photo Retoucher. Pay: about $40/h

    10 credits PhotoVideoNY
  • Lead Closed Short LinkedIn articles. Pay: about $100/article, 3 article a month.

    5 credits pixd
  • Project remote OK New website for small clothing company. Pay: at least $1K

    10 credits gigitny
  • Lead Closed Graphic designer for street clothing brand. Pay: around $40-50/h

    10 credits johnyny
  • Lead Closed Graphic designer to help create photos and illustrations for social media. Pay: they need about 7 pictures a week

    0 credits martinero
  • Lead Closed Fitness studio in Harlem looking for help with social media, blogging, marketing etc.. Pay: TBD

    0 credits katesmm
  • Lead Closed Web app for crypto. Pay: give him estimate

    2 credits matrim
  • Lead Closed Help with wordpress site. Pay: not sure, tbd

    5 credits antonyny