Latest Job Leads

  • Lead Closed Social marketing coordinator.. Pay: 40k-60k

    15 credits Marsik
  • Lead Closed WordPress teaching in midtown. Pay: 2-4 hours per session, at least few sessions, $50-75/h

    25 credits wppros
  • Lead Closed Design and HTML/CSS project.. Pay: about 10-15 hours, $500-$750

    30 credits Trendesigns
  • Lead Closed Designer needed for web & mobile projects. Pay: $40/h, 20-30h/week

    150 credits Jerrypro
  • Lead Closed Short LinkedIn articles. Pay: about $100/article, 3 article a month.

    25 credits pixd
  • Lead Closed Shopify fixing project. Pay: $400, around 5-10 hours

    0 credits jackson10
  • Lead Closed Freelance Graphic Designer. Pay: about 15-25 hours/week, $30/h

    100 credits Shannon
  • Lead Closed Fitness studio in Harlem looking for help with social media, blogging, marketing etc.. Pay: TBD

    0 credits katesmm
  • Lead Closed Digital marketing lead generation for B2B service. Pay: full time, $45k+/year

    50 credits alexis19
  • Lead Closed Remote marketing/design consultant. Pay: $20 an hour, at least 20 hours a week

    50 credits RyanNY