Latest Job Leads

  • Lead Closed Creative video professional. Pay: $500/video

    15 credits scottmot
  • Lead Closed NY Heating & Cooling company looking to make new wordpress site. Pay: not sure yet

    5 credits RonSocial
  • Part-time remote OK Marketing for private gym. Pay: commission based

    0 credits tren19
  • Lead Closed Designer needed for web & mobile projects. Pay: $40/h, 20-30h/week

    10 credits Jerrypro
  • Project remote OK Drupal project. Pay: about 50 hours at $20/h plus long term maintaince

    7 credits webhelpny
  • Lead Closed Web Developer and Designer. Pay: $1K/week, 40h/w

    10 credits Jeffny
  • Lead Closed Social media content manager for singer. Pay: $75/week for start

    0 credits dougdesigns
  • Lead Closed Writer / Content Coordinator. Pay: $250 per week

    10 credits Tifdif
  • Lead Closed Social media for artists. Pay: tbd

    0 credits freedigit
  • Lead Closed Magento web designer. Pay: Part time, $35/hour

    10 credits AlexM