Latest Job Leads

  • Lead Closed WordPress developer for marketing agency. Pay: $40-50/h

    50 credits andrenyc
  • Lead Closed Design/Development company looking for someone to manage their PPC campaign. Pay: $500-1000/month, about 5 hours a week.

    0 credits pixdesign
  • Lead Closed Small video editing gig. Pay: $350

    25 credits Phildeal
  • Lead Closed Banner ads for online marketing campaign. Pay: $500

    25 credits editorrolex
  • Lead Closed SEO and WP site upgrade. Pay: $500+

    50 credits webdevnyc
  • Lead Closed Adding Vici dialer and captcha on 5 landing pages. Pay: $200

    0 credits trendy
  • Lead Closed Basic informational website for tutoring services. Pay: $400

    100 credits ipeters
  • Lead Closed Small non-profit looking for social media help. Pay: Approximate budget $500 to start

    150 credits wpdesign
  • Lead Closed Organic Social Media Internship. Pay: non-paid internship to start

    0 credits anthonyc
  • Lead Closed WordPress blog update. Pay: $350

    30 credits Jacksongig